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Levy Press Release

September 20, 2022

Skagit County Fire District #3 is seeking public support on the November ballot for a funding levy lid lift. The levy increase is to provide funding for sustainable, long term response operations. The district has done a tremendous job working within the confines of the current revenue rate. Inflation since our last increase, (1986), has quickly outpaced the 1% increase in funding that the district receives each year. For more than two decades the District has been able to make do, along with a high level of help from the Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Association, to work collaboratively and creatively with the district to meet emergency response requirement needs.

However, several upcoming large purchases will require substantial additional funding. The district’s self-contained breathing apparatus, required for effective fire attack with the replacement cost of the SCBA’s exceeding $425,000, are due for replacement in 7 years.

Additionally, the average age of our first response vehicles now exceeds 18 years of age. The district foresees the need to replace at least 1 pumper in 6-7 years. The average cost of a fire engine in the $750,000 range, additional funding is simply a must to continue operations into the future.

The district has a wonderful all volunteer response team! These outstanding folks respond to nearly 600 emergency responses a year to serve you. As call volume increases approximately 7% per year the district wants to be prepared to add part-time day shift response capabilities to ensure consistent staffing for day-time responses, when that need arises. Initially, this money will be utilized to ensure the finances are available for both the SCBA purchase and apparatus replacement along with part-time staffing capabilities, if required.

It is for these key reasons why we are asking for your support this November. Please consider supporting us!

Please attend our upcoming Public Meeting for additional, more detailed information: October 11 th , 6:15PM Cedardale Station 2, 19746 East Hickox Road

Thank you for your consideration and we hope to see you there!!

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