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Station 1 - Conway

Station #1 is located at 21020 Greenfield Street, in the community of Conway, Washington. This station was built in 1979 on the location of the original station. It consists of a training room, offices and four apparatus bays. There was a three door addition built in 2009 to make room for needed equipment, including more fire trucks. Some of the apparatus include:

  • 2008 HME Fire Engine. It has hose, ladders and a 1000 gallon water tank.
  • 1999 International rescue. The rescue has EMS equipment as well as specialized rescue gear including hydraulic rescue tools.
  • 1991 Firehorse water tender, with 2400 gallons of water, and a 1000 gpm pump.
  • 2004 Kenworth water tender with 3500 gallons of water, and a 500 gpm pump.
  • A brush truck.
  • This station also houses our water rescue equipment, including a boat and hovercraft for water rescues in our fire district.